Rockstars to Star Dust

The news of Dbowieavid Bowie’s transition was sobering for many of us. As I said Monday upon hearing that Bowie was no longer among us, the idea that David Bowie might have been mortal literally never crossed my mind. And if Bowie can die, well, the rest of us had better get our houses, er, tiny New York apartments in order.

People have different understandings of what will happen when they die. I daresay many of us have excellent and intriguing theories about the place to which David Bowie has passed on, chief among them involving his return to his home planet where he will reign in perpetual and splendid grooviness.*

But whether you are returning to the dust, or to the stardust from whence you came, the family you leave behind on Earth will be grateful that you had a good solid power of attorney and a tidy last will and testament.

As a gift to you, readers, in acknowledgment of Bowie’s likely permanent absence from this planet, I am signal-boosting the fact that in the State of New York you do not need an attorney to do your health care proxy. Here, please find a New York state form (with excellent instructions and guidance) that will enable you to appoint someone to make health care decisions for you in the event that you become unable to make those decisions yourself. As always, I encourage all of you to have your quality of life planning done before you make your final journey, wherever it may lead.

*In spite of appearances, Bowie seems to have been fully human, including having made some questionable decisions and being problematic with respect to gender and power, even as he made critically important strides in gender performance. (tl;dr: I am not delusional, our faves are problematic, even when they’re problemagic.)



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