First Amendment & General Criminal Defense

Testify! by Lopi, depicting a diverse crowd of protesters with their mouths open in chant or song.
Testify! by Lopi

A substantial portion of our office’s docket involves defending protesters and journalists who are arrested in the course of justice struggles. Examples of this work include defending participants, news-people, and bystanders during Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter uprisings, and the No DAPL movement at Standing Rock. Some of this work is done pro bono, in conjunction with the mass defense committee of the New York City chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. We are also happy to consider representing you or your activist group. Contact us here for a free consult.

We also represent people arrested and charged with criminal offenses unrelated to political activism. For all people, we provide client- and community-centered, full-service advocacy, intended to address all the determinants of involvement with the criminal legal system, including substance use, economic and housing instability, environmental health risks, the criminalization of poverty and neurovariance, and the policing of perceived identity rather than conduct. This office recognizes each client as a complete person, with a life, skills, strengths, and community, and we aim to increase an individual’s capacity to effectively participate in their own defense by fully sharing information and making that information clear to the clients and their loved ones.