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Moira did all of the estate documents my husband & I needed to give us and our children peace of mind. She explained everything thoroughly, heard our concerns, and gave us what we needed as well as wanted.
— Jane Gish, CEO Ann Gish Luxury Linens

Dealing with the justice system can be a terrifying and confusing process. No one is better than Moira at cutting through that fear and guiding regular people through to the other side. Her competence and compassion are unmatched.
— Robert Evans, investigative journalist, Cool Zone Media Network

Although I’ve not needed Moira’s services representing me in court, she has been my lawyer for many years, during which she has helped me navigate the intricacies of various necessary legal work such as my will, trust documents, and end of life documents. Her diligence, attention to detail, passion for the law and absolute dedication to the well-being of her clients is remarkable. I know that I can trust her implicitly to ask the right questions and to do the right thing. And she does all this work with kindness and good humor. I could not be more satisfied with her as my lawyer and am delighted to shout her praises at the top of my lungs to anyone and everyone who is looking for legal representation.
— Kate Angus, poet

Mo is a life-saver in more ways than I can count. They’re tenacious and unwavering, yet kind and empathetic. At every step of the way, Mo’s confident guidance never faltered and I felt protected and well-advised as they successfully defended me. There’s nobody I would trust more for the most important challenges that could ever face me.
— Emily Gorcenski, Data Scientist

Moira Meltzer-Cohen is one of the few lawyers conversant with grand jury law and was instrumental in every way during my grand jury defense. They also worked closely with my defense committee and assisted my handling of the press during that time. They take seriously their responsibility to visit incarcerated clients, and, as a genderqueer femme, they bring deep queer solidarity and compassion along with their expertise and reliability. Moira remains one of my closest and most trusted friends and advisors.

— Chelsea Manning, technologist

When the United States Government comes after you with not one but two secret federal grand juries, you better have a brilliant, dedicated, and relentless attorney. After a judge sent my 24-year old son to prison to coerce him to cooperate with the government’s hunt for political activists, Moira Meltzer-Cohen took over the case. After comprehensive research, Moira wrote a tightly argued, beautifully crafted, and extremely rare motion, and the judge, fussing and fuming every step of the way, released my son. In my book, there is no praise high enough for Moira Meltzer-Cohen.
— Janet Conner

While working with me, Mo was attentive during my moments of profound desperation, holding me as a queer/ non- binary person of color that intensely needed to feel secure during a very precarious time in my life. I’m forever grateful for what they do for the LGBTQI community, fighting long and hard, and often pro bono. I truly appreciate their compassion, love, and dedication in the legal field and in this world.
— Jamila Hammami, scholar, educator

Moira Meltzer-Cohen handled my will, estate planning, and legal medical directives with thoroughness, diligence, intelligence and grace. She offered kindness and thoughtfulness throughout the entire emotionally-trying process of trying to plan for the distribution of my assets and raised questions that would never have occurred to me on my own. Her integrity is beyond reproach and her humanity deep and compassionate. I trust her implicitly and it is a pleasure and a relief to know she is my lawyer.”
— a shy client

The name Moira Meltzer-Cohen is synonymous with diligence, determination, and just plain ol’ doing the right thing! Mo is extremely resourceful, amassing a great knowledge of available professional and personal resources for anyone who asks. They have been a light in the dark for those in the most vulnerable communities, often breaking down complex legalisms so we understand, but are never patronizing. Mo is kind and easy to talk to, but also direct and steadfast in their work.
— Daisy Villalobos, community healthcare worker

Mo took a process that initially seemed overwhelming and arduous and made it smooth and comfortable. She helped me understand exactly what each document does, and how it protects me and my loved ones.
— John Knefel, journalist

Mo has represented me for 5 years since I was involved in organizing a protest that turned into a riot. She prepared me for the eventual FBI visit, and since then has even helped me with referrals for my incarcerated friend in New Jersey. Mo is a knowledgeable, responsive, and kind attorney, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
— Mike Isaacson, scholar

I’ve never known a movement lawyer so devoted to and effective at their work as Moira Meltzer-Cohen. Moira communicates information clearly to activists, and argues their cases effectively in court. Their number is one of the only ones I have memorized, and there’s no one on this earth I would rather have on my team in case of legal trouble.
— Margaret Killjoy, novelist

A remarkable and talented lawyer, and a pleasure to work with as a colleague.
— Martin R. Stolar, Attorney at Law