Practice Areas

My primary practice is located in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, but I serve all five boroughs and parts of Long Island. My areas of expertise include criminal defense, first amendment defense, advocacy for incarcerated persons, and drafting wills and agency documents. I am also unusually conversant with the laws governing the rights of people summoned to appear as witnesses before federal grand juries. Rates are typically flat-fee, sliding scale, and negotiable. Call for a free phone consult or quote.

I cannot guarantee outcomes, but I promise to perform high quality work on your behalf.  If I enter into an attorney-client relationship with you, I pledge that I will:

  • listen to you
  • respect you
  • be on time
  • be honest with you
  • learn from you and others
  • talk with you, not at or about you
  • avoid legal jargon, while explaining the law to the best of my ability
  • adhere completely to attorney-client privilege and client confidentiality
  • answer and return phone calls and emails
  • answer questions thoughtfully and as completely as possible
  • help you to make informed decisions
  • help you to identify and protect your legal interests
  • diligently research the law
  • rigorously investigate your case, and
  • make all appropriate legal demands for relief and satisfaction.

If you require assistance in an area of law I am not qualified to practice, or in a geographic area in which I am not licensed, I will do my best to connect you with appropriate legal resources.